Briarwood Triangle Neighborhood Association

Our Purpose:

Plan for the future of the neighborhood and promote its current assets.

Strengthen the connection between neighbors and build on the character of our community, which can in turn enhance residential housing stock and encourage home ownership.

Provide a bridge to local government by providing and clarifying communication on town developments and advocating on behalf of our neighborhood.

Fire Safety Tips

Now that summertime seems to have officially hit us, neighbors will undoubtedly be having parties and friends over for a nice relaxing fire during the night. Here are some tips and guidelines from Greg Merrick, Irondequoit Fire Marshal.

Summertime is a fun time for all, so please be courteous to your neighbors.

If you are having a fire, please make sure you're using good, dry wood that isn't going to cause a lot of smoke.

Types of wood

  • Hickory
  • Oak
  • Other hardwoods like birch and ash
  • Pine can help get a fire going, due to the sap acting as a fuel, but does cause dark, heavy smoke, so use sparingly

Good Links for fires

That's it! Just find good wood, set it up, and away you go! Enjoy!

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