Meet our Board Members & Street Captains!

Board Members:

President: Matt Cleckner

Vice President: Kim Bannister

Secretary: Erin Nagle

Treasurer: Erin Thompson

Initiatives Director: Andrea Austin

Events Director: Tabitha O'Connor

At Large: Lisa Slater

Street Captains

Brentfield Circle: Kristen Drader

Briarwood Drive: Anthony Maddaleno

Bristol Avenue: Terri Schumacher

Cambria Road:

Cedarwood Road: Peggy Derivan

Charlton Road: Joel Clavijo

Chimayo Road: Gregg & Teresa Mueller

Cooper Road: Jim Allen

Curtice Road: Katie Molinari

Eastbourne Road:

Elgrove Road:

Ganado Road:

Hardison Road:

Hollymount Road:

Idyllwood Lane: Kim VanDeWeghe

Kiwanis Road:

Mayfair Road: Tammy Tillotson

Mayville Lane: Tammy Tillotson

Northwick Drive: Greg Merrick

Oneta Road: Mark Loeser

Placid Place:

Radcliffe Road: Rick & Betsy Walther

Sandymount Drive: Kim VanDeWeghe

Somershire Drive: Brad & Andrea Austin, Kelly Licata

St. Paul Blvd.: Julie Bottiglier & Denise Perez

Thistledown Drive: Erin Nagle

Thorncliffe Drive: Kim Bannister

Titus Avenue:

Winona Blvd.: Lisa Slater

Several of our streets do not have captains. If you are interested in helping with communicating information to neighbors for a street without a captain, please contact Tabitha O'Connor at briarwoodtriangle@gmail.com.