Our History

Mission and History


To guide communication among neighbors and to promote activities which are intended to foster and celebrate the character and quality of life in the Briarwood Triangle Neighborhood.


  • Plan for the future of the neighborhood and promote its current assets.
  • Strengthen the connection between neighbors and build on the character of our community, which can in turn enhance residential housing stock and encourage home ownership.
  • Provide a bridge to local government by providing and clarifying communication on town developments and advocating on behalf of our neighborhood.


The Briarwood Triangle Neighborhood Association (BTNA) was formed in early August of 2016. After various neighborhood groups started popping-up on Facebook after taking advantage of local initiatives from the Town of Irondequoit. The tentatively named Briarwood Neighborhood Association was loosely formed, by Kelly Kester and Shanna Murray. An initial meeting was held on August 9, 2016 at the St. Paul Fire Department and included speakers Dave Seeley (Town of Irondequoit Supervisor), Bradley Huber (Winona Woods Neighborhood Association President and Town of Irondequoit Neighborhood Association Advisor), Kelly Kester (BTNA Co-Organizer), Shanna Murray (BTNA Co-Organizer), and Officer Andrew Whitaker (Community Service Unit Supervisor). The initial meeting covered various topics ranging from what a neighborhood association does, what the boundaries of the BTNA encompassed, what neighbors were looking for from the association, and ended with taking a survey to gauge everything from neighbor’s interests in various groups and open leadership positions.

The next meeting of the Briarwood Triangle Neighborhood Association took place on October 19, 2016 at the St. Paul Fire Department. The meeting covered the vote of the official name, which was voted on by the members, where Briarwood Triangle Neighborhood Association was officially recognized. The inaugural board members, which were determined via the previous meeting’s survey, voted in the following members:

  • Kelly Kester - President
  • Shanna Murray - Vice President
  • Matt Cleckner - Secretary
  • Tabatha Cleckner - Treasurer
  • Tabitha O’Connor - Director of Events
  • Josh Wigle-Harris - Director of Initiatives
  • Kim Truebger - At-Large Board Member

Various neighborhood committees were also formed through the survey, including Neighborhood Watch, Neighbor Care, and Street Captains. Taking advantage of a Neighborhood Enhancement Proposal through the Irondequoit Town Hall, the association voted to join the effort to bring colorful banners to the area. The banners are will hang from the light posts on St. Paul Blvd. and will help bring attention to the unique neighborhoods that exist along the St. Paul Blvd. corridor.

On December 10th, 2016, the Briarwood Triangle Neighborhood Association held their first fundraising event, a Tap Takeover at The Reserve at I-Square. The fundraiser was a huge success, with various members stepping up to man the taps and sling suds to local members. There were numerous raffles and gift basket giveaways with a portion of the tips, credit card sales, and overall proceeds going towards the neighborhood association.