Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch is a great resource for our group. At neighborhood meetings and on the website we will talk about strategies and products to help promote a safer home and neighborhood. By education and promoting awareness, we will do our best to create a close-knit group of neighbors who look out for each other and help to keep our neighborhood safe.

Zone Captains

We have people volunteering to be Zone Captains, and their duty is to basically keep neighbors aware of anything going on in the neighborhood and to do their best to make sure the residents are taking care of their properties (locking vehicles, turning on lights, etc). They also take it upon themselves to walk around the neighborhood at night, keeping an eye out for anything, and also taking note of things they see around the Triangle that they can bring up with the residents at the next meeting, or on the Facebook page if it's urgent. If you are interested, please contact us at

If You See Something Suspicious...

As always, if you see something suspicious and out of the ordinary, please dial 911 FIRST and report it to the Irondequoit Police Department. While it's nice to warn neighbors of things you may see, it's better to alert the police first, then you can share the information with everyone else. No neighbor should face a dangerous situation alone! Reach out to our great Police Department for help.

Irondequoit Police Department House Checks

In keeping with the philosophy of the Irondequoit Police department to promote a strong partnership between the residents and their police department, we offer a program that authorizes the police department to check your house while you are away.

In order to take advantage of the program, please fill out the House Check Form. You must return the form in person to the Irondequoit Police Department - photo ID will be required in order to protect you and your property.

A house check includes an officer walking the perimeter of your house while you are away and checking the windows and doors to ensure that they are locked. If you have any questions about this service please call 585-336-6000 x 2200 or 585-336-6000 x 2201.